Destruction and Fairy Spirit in Tera Game

2014-01-04 15:25

Possibly the Spirit and tera gold you’re going to use essentially the most. This little fairy is, the truth is, a priest! Upon summoning, she’ll try to remain close to you, throwing every single support spell she has. Should you let her heal you the complete 15 seconds she’s up, you must be 100% life or practically.
The Fairy will :Dispel,Single heal (self heal), AoE HoT, AoE Key Heal (modest circle),Single heal and AoE dispel.

The pattern often varies, but be sure that the first 2 factors she’s going to perform are a single dispel on you, and a ‘single heal’ - looking like the Priest ‘Self Heal’.I’ve noticed some 50k harm on a crit when (mob identical level as the spell). The only bad point may be the cool down. ten minutes is absolutely nothing close to bring this spell in the ‘useful’ group. This is a situational only pet, that may possibly only save a 1% boss wipe, or aids you bash 10+ mobs at the exact same time killing half of them around the spot.You need to just preserve the fairy for yourself.In the majority of the fights, it will likely be really hard to get allies and tera gold in the key heal circle. Be sure you have currently done an offensive action ahead of inside the fight, or the golem will probably just sit around for the lousy five seconds exactly where it stays up. As soon because the attack is comprehensive. it will most likely get back to you, or follow you and pop out. The damages are very impressive.

The Fairy will ‘work alone’, meaning you are able to nevertheless concentrate on your mates while she’s getting your life up.The position the fairy spawn is constantly the identical, by understanding this, you will have the ability to nearly heal like a priest.This Spirit is a cool addition towards the Mystic. So, this ‘Destruction Spirit’ is really a stone golem, when summoned it will assist you by attacking as soon as your final target.So far, I only saw three kinds of attacks, the artillery a single (yeah with these 3 circles on the ground), the main ranged attack and the… hum… jumping-stone one, which can be the scariest one particular for the melee pals.

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