Companion associated tips of swtor

2014-01-08 17:43

Your companion can sell trash (gray) items for you. Just right click around the companion icon and choose the selection Sell trash items.
Your gender has no impact on companion’s gender and you can not change it.
You'll be able to customize your companion’s appearance, so it looks diverse from other companions, by adding appear modification “item” to a particular slot in companion character sheet. Press the C crucial on keyboard and choose companion tab. Appearance modification slot is subsequent for the weapon slot. Look modifying items and swtor credits could be purchased from vendors or earned as quest rewards.
You are going to minimize the time for crafting by rising affection together with your companion. Also, the good results rate on missions is elevated with higher affection.
You'll be able to finish some group content material like Heroic quests or Flashpoints or swtor credits with your companion (the group size can not exceed four), but you cannot take them in PvP Warzones or Raids.
There are only five tiers of gifts, and so the gift-based missions on the 6th tier will constantly be “Rich” tier five missions.
A gift will work for any tier above it, but it is value is going to be halved for each and every tier you go up. So a tier 1 gift which is worth 24 affection on tier 1 will likely be worth 12 affection on tier 2, and 6 affection on tier three.
You can find 5 tiers of affection divided into 2000 points every single (so tier 1 is 0-1999, tier 2 is 2000-3999, and so on).
All mission-based crew capabilities possess the option of granting companion gift based missions (ONLY the mission-based ones even though, not gathering ones).
It is possible to talk together with your companion in private in your ship or cantina rooms
Your companion will never leave or attack you, no matter how low is your affection with him.
You will find level restrictions to how numerous companions it is possible to send to craft at the same time. You are able to send 2 companions as much as level 25, 3 companions as much as level 35, four companions up to level 45, and five companions at level 45-50.
Getting a dark-sided Sith Warrior gives you 2 romance possibilities: Vette and Dark Jaesa Willsam.

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