annoyance in scarlet blade

2014-01-02 15:32

For one particular there is a continual sexual theme using the entire game--for example for the initial couple of quests your character and quest givers hold hinting towards sexual innuendo which, at times, can get quite irritating. The in game chat is, each and every so usually, flooded with innuendos and immature remarks towards things no sensible adult would even look twice at. Either you will find a lot more men and women like this on the planet than I realized or you will find some naughty youngsters not listening towards the age restriction! After the 30th time, an NPC quest giver hints towards the identical cheesy joke it can get old quite fast. An additional point will be the player base and scarlet blade gold ; despite the fact that this game is set for players 18+ years of age I sense that you'll find very several children/teens in between the ages of 13 - 16 that play this game.
Ultimately there are a few bugs, but which is to become anticipated as the game is currently only in its Open Beta phases.

For example, I was within the middle of fighting a monster in a dungeon and out of nowhere my game froze for three seconds, when I was returned back to my character and was capable to look about once more the monster was still attacking me but when I pressed my hot-keys to attack back, I just could not. This resolution worked to get a majority of the time but each so often, even this wouldn't function and I was forced to either watch my character be senselessly murdered ahead of me (which, given that I was playing a tank, took very some time and scarlet blade gold) or relog in to the game. I anticipate this needs to be fixed inside the close to future but in case you strategy on checking this game out keep it in mind. I inquired with other players if this had occurred to them and I got a number of responses saying that it was a pretty uncommon bug, typically linked to a poor network connection and to repair this concern all you had to accomplish was jump into your in-game mech and you ought to be able to return to typical combat.

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